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    Expertise, performance, dynamics and result are more and more becoming an area of interest to the employers. Therefore it is a MUST to deliver Human Resources services that meet the needs of employees and employers.

  • Human Resources Services
    As per the rules of the local content policy our contribution in the area for the provision of qualified and competent Human Resources is a necessity. This is why we provide qualified personnel to assist in the Oil and Gas industry.
    We provide and manage Human Resources for oil companies such as Office Staff, Drivers and particularly
    Maintenance Crew and Oilfield Services Personnel.

  • Oilfield Services Personnel
    ICS Oilfield services personnel are experienced in the application of Exploration and Production Services. Our aim is to provide our customers with a professional service that meets with their specific requirements.
    ICS is focused on quality and cost effective services. Today’s industry requires high levels of services to meet the demands of maximum resource and efficiency in planning and production.
    Contact ICS how we can help you to better achieve your objectives.

  • Since 2012 ICS has been providing service contractors to MI-Swaco and Schlumberger in Cote d’Ivoire.
    If you are searching for base maintenance crew, oilfield technicians/operators you are at the right site.
    We match skilled technicians with the global personnel needs of oilfield services companies.
  • Our portfolio of experienced personnel enables us to offer a skilled staff to service companies on a global basis.
  • Our client’s requirements from short term to long term projects giving a cost effective solution to their staffing needs.

  • We have contract staff ready to work immediately in the following areas:
    - Slickline
    - Data Acquisition (Surface and Downhole)
  • - Production Services
  • - Well Services Supervision
  • - Well Testing
  • - Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP)